Frozen Creek…

Frozen Creek –

The redear sunfish

Still swimming

This haiku is in response to Frank J. Tassone’s weekly haikai challenge. The theme was returning cold (saekaeru):

A Timber Cathedral

These towering oak

Form a timber cathedral

Where sparrow and wren

In joyful ardor call me

To join their morning chorus

Written as part of Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #tanka challege. This week, the poem had to incorporate synonyms for love and harmony:

Penitentiary Hollow

This is going to be a new addition to this page. Over on YouTube, I have a channel documenting my family’s exploration or the great outdoors. Each video also contains a segment where I read some of my favorite poetry. Here’s this week’s episode. If you’re feeling friendly, you can check out older episodes and give the channel a subscribe!

Dusk Settling…

Dusk settling

On Dead Woman’s Pond –

Water Fowl

Hidden by the reeds

Bid the sun farewell

This is the bridge just in front of the pond known as “Dead Woman’s Pond” at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge in Texas.

You can read more about Dead Woman’s Pond and the Haller’s Haven Trail here:

Tea and Lentils

A light rain is falling on Lake Agnes

And I’ve had my fill of tea and lentils

Which is why I am seated on this grey rock

Hands resting in Dhyana mudra

Pouring myself out with each breath

Until I am once again empty

This morning’s poem is in response to the Quadrille #97 prompt on dVerse:

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