Sonnet for a Bookish Girl

Sonnet for a Bookish Girl

for Kara

She oft traverses misty mountain peaks

Explores the murky waters of the Nile

She’s listened to the ibis when he speaks

And wrestled with the fearsome crocodile

She once defeated bandits with her guile

Then walked among the fair folk in the gloam

Was cast upon a lonely, desert isle

With no companion but the ocean foam

But never has she ventured far from home

A little house that sits beside a brook

And all the distant lands that she has roamed

Were found between the covers of a book

For as a flower blossoms from a seed

So wonder grows with every word she reads

Blueberry Picking

Three of my favorites books of poetry are “A Child’s Garden of Verse” by Robert Louis Stevenson, “When We Were Very Young” by A.A. Milne, and “Now We Are Six” by A.A. Milne. All three books are charming, whimsical, and quite beautiful. Poems like “Vespers” by Milne and “My Kingdom” by Stevenson seem to capture something essential about childhood that continues to resonate with me well into my adulthood. I don’t presume to be on the level of either Stevenson or Milne, but from time to time I also write verses for a younger audience, and I think I’ll share them here from time to time.

Blueberry Picking

I have a shiny, silver pail

To hold some sweet blueberries

I drag it all around the patch

(it’s very hard to carry)

I place a berry in my pail

Then three more in my cheek

And soon my mouth is so full up

That I can hardly speak

It’s going to take a little while

To fill the pail this way

I think I’ll set it on the ground

And spend some time at play

Eisenhower State Park

On an all new episode we explore Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma in Texas. We hike, climb around on boulders, and find fossils everywhere.

The poem in this week’s episode is “break light” by Lucille Clifton from “Good Woman: Poems and a Memoir 1969-1980″

My Mind is Many Colors

My mind is many colors –

Shifting shades of hue and light

Azure and vermilion

Goldenrod and milky white

My thoughts are smears of pastel

Mixed with watercolor words –

They tumble from my palette tongue

Transforming into sherds

My mind is many colors –

Colors yet without a name

My thoughts are smears of pastel

On a page without a frame

Photo by Kara Jex:

Am I Then A Bullfrog?

Am I then a bullfrog

Ever croaking my own name

Hunting through the morass

To make a meal of fame?

A hunger most intemperate – 

It loathes to be denied-

But though I feed it day and night

Is never satisfied

This was written for the newest dVerse prompt on taboo:

In the Gentle Gloaming

In the gentle gloaming hour

Strange thoughts begin to stir

As the line twixt home and Nod

Begins to bend and blur

My mind it sets to roving out

Over the hill and dell

Where it might be going

I never can quite tell

This quadrille was written as part of the dVerse prompt “Quadrille #99”

An Imprecation on the Flu

God’s curse upon this devil flu

That makes me melancholy rue 

The day I swore the whiskey off

Leaving me naught to soothe my cough

And must I hack and whoop and wheeze 

Whilst tipplers all may breathe with ease?

I gave up the drink a long time back, so not hot toddy to soothe my cough. That said, I did mix up a “non-alcoholic” hot toddy. Without the whiskey, it really shouldn’t be called a toddy, but just a “hot” sounds a bit silly. Here are the ingredients:

7 ounces of hot, earl grey tea

1 tablespoon of honey

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

5 whole cloves

I would have liked to have had nutmeg, but alas there was none in the house.

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