The Goatman’s Bridge

The Goatman’s Bridge

Oscar was hung from the Old Alton Bridge

And who can guess his sin?

The farmer they called the “Goatman”

Was born with the wrong shade of skin

They tied him to the trusses

Then left him swinging there

Set fire to his humble barn

While the bleating of goats filled the air

A century or more has fled

Since that dire and fateful night

Still those who pass upon the bridge

All swear to have seen the sight

Of a body hanging from the beams

Eyes open in an accusing stare

While the scent of smoke drifts on the wind

And the bleating of goats fills the air

The Waving Girl

The Waving Girl

She stands upon the shoreline, with handkerchief in hand

And waves to every passing ship as it returns to land

They say she’s done it every day for half a century

She’s waiting for a sailor’s ghost, a man claimed by the sea

At night she holds a lantern and waves it in the air

In hopes her phantom mariner will spy her standing there

Dear Florence, how long will you wait? How long your vigil keep?

Your strong and stalwart seaman is sleeping in the deep

But ever faithful Florence, waits silent on the shore

And she will still be watching in a hundred years or more


Let’s Have An Adventure

Let’s Have an Adventure

Let’s have an adventure

We needn’t travel far

We’ll go into the back yard

And call it Dun-el-Dar

You be the explorer

And I can be the guide

Who tells you when to fight

And when to run and hide

The ground is molten lava

The bushes are all beasts

And if we aren’t careful

They’ll have us for a feast

Those little stones are jewels

That pulse with magic power

We better get them quickly

Dinner starts in half an hour

I see a knobby tree trunk

That will make a perfect throne

But look out for those landmines

Disguised as old pinecones

And now the final battle

The enemy is falling

But we’ll have to finish next time

I think I hear Mom calling…

Day One: Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas

The world is, I think, in dire need of beauty and wonder right now. In addition to the weekly travel videos I share on my YouTube channel, I’m also going to start sharing a poem reading every day, featuring poems that move and inspire me. I’m starting off with my favorite poem, “Fern Hill” by Dylan Thomas.

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