The Dutchman’s Mine

The Dutchman’s Mine

Many a man has wasted his life in search of the Dutchman’s Mine

And damned if I’m not one of the lot who swore it was my fate to find

They say that Peralta found it first, ’til Apaches laid him out dead

Then old Doc Thorne was led to the gold with a blindfold round his head

Some others say that Weiser and Waltz found the mine in the harsh Superstitions

While some fellas claim that a cadre of troops were the last to know its position

Whatever the tale, I took to the trail in search of the glimmering gold

I spent all my wealth and most of my health, but the treasure I’ve yet to behold

I’ve sweated and bled, damn near lost my head, beneath the bright blazing sun

Oh, the prices I’ve paid, folks I’ve betrayed, but a glimpse of the wealth I’ve caught none 

Yes, I’m a damn fool who has wasted his life in search of the Dutchman’s Mine

But I’d do it again, I swear it my friend, if God would just grant me the time

Day 10: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Today’s forecast: Expect Frost.

I haven’t seen a human being outside of my own house for over a week. I won’t apologize for my weather/literature crossover puns.

Hope y’all enjoy today’s poem. Stay well, stay healthy, and if you can, stay home.

The Recluse

Jasper was a recluse

He lived inside a shack

The only shirt he ever owned

Was the one upon his back

He never washed his dishes

His mutt would lick ’em clean

They say he had no friend nor kin

Least none folks ever seen

But when the neighbors found him

Stone dead and grey as ash

Around his waist there was a belt

Stuffed full of cold hard cash

Now Jasper sleeps in splendor

Resting Six feet under ground

Beneath a marble tombstone

The finest one in town

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